CMAP McKinley Park region map graphicThe "McKinley Park Community Data Snapshot" is part of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)'s Chicago Community Area Series publications release in June 2021.

This trove of McKinley Park neighborhood data comes from a variety of qualified sources aggregated through CMAP's efforts: primarily from five-year estimates of the American Community Survey (ACS), but also including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES), the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDR) and HERE Technologies.

CMAP publishes the McKinley Park Community Data Snapshot as a PDF file: Click here to access it, or read our accessible website edition here on the McKinley Park News.

Ed. Note: The McKinley Park News has adjusted minor layout elements in snapshot tables to improve legibility and added photo illustration from our news archives to our edition of this publication.

Population and Households

The population and household tables include general demographic, social, and economic characteristics summarized for McKinley Park.

Read more: Population and Households

Housing Characteristics

The housing characteristics tables include housing unit estimates by housing type, size, and age summarized for McKinley Park.

Read more: Housing Characteristics


The transportation tables include vehicle availability by household, mode of travel to work, annual vehicle miles traveled, and transit availability for McKinley Park.

Read more: Transportation


The employment tables include general workforce characteristics for McKinley Park.

Read more: Employment

Land Use

The land use tables include general land use composition, park access, and walkability for McKinley Park.

Read more: Land Use

Change Over Time

The time series tables include comparisons of current 2015-2019 ACS estimates to historic year estimates from the 2000 Census and 2006-2010 ACS.

Read more: Change Over Time

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