MAT Asphalt

MAT Asphalt

MAT Asphalt provides hot mix asphalt (HMA) products to meet every need of Chicagoland paving contractors. Our centrally located, state-of-the-art plant is environmentally conscious and tied to our commitment to community involvement.

Our MAT Cares Facebook page shares stories of how we engage with the community; our website offers info and contacts for our business. Need some asphalt? Click here to order online!

MAT Asphalt, at 2033 West Pershing Road in Chicago, manufactures road-paving materials for the City of Chicago. Our facility is situated on an eight-acre site zoned for industrial use south of Chicago’s McKinley Park neighborhood and began operations on July 2, 2018. We mix limestone aggregate, recycled asphalt pavement and roofing shingles, and asphalt cement to create new paving material — the binder and surface hot mix asphalt layers necessary for city streets and parking lots.

Our plant operates Monday through Saturday from approximately 6:30 a.m. to approximately 2:30 p.m. Over the course of the year, we operate for about eight months, from approximately the middle of April until the first week of December.

MAT Asphalt is committed to being a good neighbor, contributing to the Chicago community as a beneficial corporate citizen, and to operating our asphalt pavement-making facility in a way that meets and/or exceeds environmental health and safety regulations.

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Visit MAT Cares on Facebook to read our stories of community engagement and for business info. Click here to order hot mix asphalt (HMA) products online, or call us at (773) 577-7000.

(773) 577-7000
2033 W. Pershing Road
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MAT Asphalt

MAT Asphalt operates within a permit granted from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and a business license from the City of Chicago.